I Adopted Fantastic Friend and Companion.

     Recently my spouse and I were talking about our Sasha and what an awesome girl she is.  And we mentioned how helpful Roman and his wife had been in integrating her into our "family" consisting of Linda, Bear (her dog really), and me.  So I reached out to Roman to say hi and thank him again.  He asked me to write a few notes about my experience so far.

So I want to share how great it has been to adopt our Sasha from Better Days Rescue.  And I want to encourage people to adopt. 

    Sasha is a rock star.  And everyone that meets her comment on what a good girl she is.  But they don't see the work at the front end and the continuous work.

    I lost "my girls" in the beginning of 2018.  I swore I would never get another dog.  The loss was deep.  After about 6 months I started to think about getting another dog, another "friend".


For some reason I was considering a German Shepherd.  Long story short I saw a black GSD at the county and one at BDR (I am convinced they are the same). 

    When I met her I knew she would be a lot of work.  She was super super high energy, intelligent and very stressed out from being lost from her previous home and being in kennels etc.  She was also a happy girl.  And frankly I knew she would be a bit of work, but it's been very fulfilling and she'a an absolute love.

    Now here is the point I want to make about my experience.  When you work with a rescue like BetterDaysRerscue and Roman you get to work with people that want you and your new family member to succeed.  Roman told me she was a difficult breed and a difficult dog before I adopted her (you want honesty).

But I saw her potential  and Roman was very supportive during this process.  He helped with the integration process with our other dog (super important, and there is a process).

He met with Linda and I to do some training and give us tips.  We took a group class of his.  We did a session with his wife Barbara Buck which indeed helped allot.  Yes, I am plugging these people because they are all awesome and I can't say enough good things about them.

  And the best part is I have a fantastic friend and companion.


Selfies are not my forte 😂

Me my spouse and my two dogs

Roman Gottfried is an internationally renowned Holistic Dog Training and Dog/Human Relationship Coach. He works with dog parents worldwide via video conference to help their dogs reach their full potential, by teaching them the holistic philosophy of creating a healthy relationship with their dog. He sees clients both online and in-person.


Visit www.holisticdogtraining.org/onlinetraining for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Gratitude: She Traveled Like a Freaking ROCK STAR

Gratitude: She Traveled Like a Freaking ROCK STAR

10 months ago my client  was offered a job overseas: less than 2 years after moving into their house they  built after losing their old one and pups to fire a year prior.😱

Losing them, ( Mastador, Ziba, and  big mama’s boy Dane, Hagrid,)  prompted their  search for new loves to *try* to fill their holes left in their hearts. They found them. EM Guinness, and Dane Fezzik. What happened next will make you cry 😭

read more  

Review: I Have Never Met a Bigger Advocate For Dogs

Review: I Have Never Met a Bigger Advocate For Dogs

Roman is an amazing Animal (Dog) Trainer  and Holistic Behaviorist. At the same time an incredibly understanding and humble man who truly cares; as shown by how he treats people and their animals. He doesn’t just train your animal he helps to train you.

Watch his video testament! 

Testimonial: Dealt With Resource Guarding Through Roman’s Online Class


Hi Roman I was just watching one of your videos.  I can't believe how one online class of your has helped to this extent. 

Rudy now sits for his leash to go outside.

I'm watching the one on resource guarding and I watched the one on how it is important for puppies to learn the threshold of biting. 

I believe we are responsible for his problems for how we handled his mouthing and nipping at us and taking things away.


We decided to approach it by giving him more bones and more opportunities to show us early cues he isn't comfortable. 

In 2 incidents he ran to his kennel with items he took from the kitchen.  I noticed both times it was the fast motion of my sons reaction even though they weren't near his kennel.

Im so grateful for all help through online classes to knowledge through your groups. I have seen a remarkable difference not only in Rudy but particularly in one of our sons. This experience is even more essential since Rudy was displaying aggression and our son is going into the profession of law enforcement.he greatest news is everyone in the house watching the first lesson and is consistent with Rudy. 

I truly appreciate is that you are not only helping us with the problem but the fact he now sits to greet us and get his leash on has made everyone so excited about Rudy and how this can work.

It is so hopeful.

Thank you - Laura Koelsch- Ohio USA 

Testimonial: From Food-Aggression To Zero incidents

I just wanted to thank you for everything! Our talk last night both assured that some of my thoughts as to why this was happening were right as well as opened my eyes to some of my mistakes in handling it. I LOVE being a mom and wouldn't change that for the world, but Larry's issues made me realize that when I became a mom to my human children, I put so much into them that I truly lost a piece of myself. Our chat has sparked something in me to find that again. And I have Larry to thank for that. We started fresh today and not on lash out. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm excited to grow my relationship not only with Larry but with myself. Read more

Testimonial: He got everyone involved, including our toddler

 ”After doing research to find the best trainer in Phoenix for our needs we hired Roman and couldn't be happier with our decision.

He immediately showed us why our Cane Corso puppy did the things he did and what we were doing wrong and how to correct it. He got everyone involved, including our toddler.”


Testimonial: One online consultation made a world of difference to us.

I was desperate about my little Big Mastiff girl and how to handle her. I’m on the other side of the world, the Netherlands, Europe. I was lucky enough to have won a free Video consultation of one hour. That one hour changed my perspective towards my dogs and myself and made a world of difference to us. Roman is a lovely person and exactly what my dogs and me needed to get back on track. 

Yasmin Wijands - Netherlands, Europe  

Mastiffs are such a majestic breed! 

Mastiffs are such a majestic breed! 

Testimonial: We were scared for her...

January 6th

I got a FB message request:

“Hi Roman, my heart is broken. We are a family of four 2 beautiful EM with us since puppies and a brindle EM/Boxer female we rescued 1.5 years ago. She came from a drug house filled with abuse physical and emotional and bred at a very young age . She was pulled off the streets from an animal rescue. They posted her picture the rest us history . Through out her time with us we have overcome many hurdles. We feel that we have gained her trust and have given her love and a stable family . She is the pack leader which I’m not sure is normal for a new dog to come in and take over or not but she rules both my boys who really don’t care one way or another. Sorry trying to make this short , I am with her the most I am vet attentive to her as I guess we always feel bad for her . Bottom line Roman she bites me a lot and it’s always when I am giving her loving attention. She gives ever indication she want the pets and love and her body language and her talk says she is loving it and then BAM out of the blue she goes at my face . I have several marks on my face over a two week period but it is always me that she does this to . I am ready to give up and just leave her alone . I love her and will never forsake her but this breaks my heart ♥️. Thanks for listening 

- Candice McGuigan Blenheim, Ontario Canada  

But there was another problem:

 “We didn’t have the money for private but i truly believe no one understands more than you”

The solution: 

I had a online workshop coming up and also tons of videos on my YouTube channel so I had them subscribe and watch specific videos.  

Yesterday I got tagged on a post:

 Roman Gottfried is not a dog trainer. ( Well not your typical one)

His ability to read and understand the needs of dogs is beyond any trainer out there today. Dogs are family and should be treated as such.

He understands  that the beloved canine in the house isn’t a thing to control but to be loved, listened to, respected and taught how to behave in this human environment, which they didn’t ask for, we picked them. Roman under stands their feelings, how they think and by their body language what their mood and health . You won’t hear him use harsh words , no harsh equipment and no out of bounds in the house unless it is your wish or a danger . So for those that want their dog acting robotic, obeying your every wish, and continue to humiliate your loved one , please don’t go to Roman, he is not your guy !

Although i hate this picture of me , this is our Zoe Zelda who was a rescue with  abusive issues.  A year ago I would not have been able to get this close to her . We were scared for her , 

I sent two videos to Roman , and he identified her concern and  over time we addressed it with her. We have had her two years now and the care and concern Roman had for her was her cure !! 

Never give upon them!


This got my surprise and I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes. People love their dog’s, they are vomited, they need help, and some times they don’t have the financial strength to buy services.  

I wish I could help them all but it all has a price.  

Last year I donated 600 hours in online consultations for low income and rescue cases. 


You can help make a difference, by helping me supporting those in need, to get the training necessary to keep the dogs in their homes and not surrendered to the shelter, Or put to sleep.

Testimonial: Your Videos Helped Us Comunicate With Luci

September 9, 2015


Just wanted to let you know that You have been a HUGE asset to us both and Luci!  Your videos have really helped us to understand how to communicate with Luci.  She has picked up on things so quickly once we watched your videos and applied your "wise wisdom." We joke and say that we were the ones that needed the training, and not her.. Have a AWESOME Day!


 Kevin, Denise and Luci. - Jamestown, New York

Luci 2018

Rescue Testimonial: Thayne Hamilton here from Grey Muzzle Rescue.


 “Hey, Thayne Hamilton here from Grey Muzzle Rescue.

I am a firm believer in Roman Gottfried's holistic work. I have been rescuing the worst of the worst Abused Dogs for 15 years and a couple years ago he helped me evaluate (Over the Phone) a severely abused Great Pyrenees that I could not quite pin point the underlying issues that were making her snap into a Killer.


Together we came up with a Plan for her and within 2 weeks using his advise she was a different dog forever.

It was like he saw into her heart by asking all the right questions.

Some people are just that good at what they do...

Roman Gottfried is one of them.” 

Who is Thayne Hamilton? See your self. 


One of his rescue dogs was Lilla (Little Miss Stompy Feet), who spent her first 14 years living chained to a slab. She was in such bad shape when she was rescued that her legs were glued to her body. But she managed to get around with some help from Thayne and a wheelbarrow.



Please send your donations to the address below to support over 40 geriatric dogs in Thayne’s care. 

To visit Grey Muzzle Rescue Fb page click here  


Testimonial: I Never Imagined Myself In That Position

I never would have imagined that someone could completely train a dog from so far away, but with his knowledge and teaching techniques, Roman is able to teach owners how to be the best leader for their dog, no matter where in the world they are.” - Melissa Wilton from Calgary, Alberta -Canada

Testimonial: What in the world is a Hot-dog Test?

Guest Blog - Sharyl Hardy- Austin Texas

Corbin and Sega (aka Saber)

Corbin and Sega (aka Saber)

“I probably never shared this story, lol. After I adopted Corbin, I kept tabs on his last remaining brother (Saber, now Sega). They had been fostered together with their littermates and I felt badly about separating them.  Sega was still unadopted about a month after I brought Corbin home and I emailed the rescue to find out his status.

Sega had actually been "adopted" twice and returned by two families that felt he had too much energy. So he bounced around to two more foster homes and I felt terrible about that.

So, Corbin was in training with my friend Roman during the time I was checking on Sega. I tried finding him a home myself but no interest. I finally asking Roman what he thought about me taking Sega in addition to Corbin. And he told me I should let Corbin decide.

When I laughed and asked how, he suggested a brilliant idea. He told me to go into the other room and on a sheet of paper, write out the options. So, on one half of the paper in my office I wrote: "Bring Saber home" and on the other half I wrote: "Saber stays there." 

We took two pieces of hot dog (high value treats for training) and I placed a bit of hot dog under each option. Roman said, whichever one Corbin takes first, is his choice.


Proof of test results  

Proof of test results  

What's funny was, neither one of us knew how it would work out. I thought Corbin would gobble them both and be done with it. But Corbin actually took one...and totally left the other one on the paper, which stunned me. He never went back for the other piece of hot dog. So....in effect, Corbin told me he wanted his brother with us too.
And that is the "hot dog test." " - Cheryl Hardy - Austin Texas, USA

Romans can help through your adoption process starting with a in depth adoption consultation.
In a 45 minutes video consultation he will make sure you are well prepared to Adopt a dog into an existing dog-family.
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TESTIMONIAL: It's been a true blessing to have found Roman.

TESTIMONIAL: It's been a true blessing to have found Roman.

I adopted a severely abused 1/2 Maltese/ 1/2 Mini poodle last Spring. She was scared, terrified of most things, but still had a very sweet temperament, despite the rough start to her life.

I chose the premium training package from Roman that included a session with intuitive healer Barbara Buck. Truly, the results started with Trixie just a few hours after her session with Barbara. Then, with Roman's guidance, I started a different type of care & training to help Trixie get used to a new 'normal'.
Schedule a online session with Roman HERE


TESTIMONIAL: Dealing with severe separation anxiety in one session.

TESTIMONIAL: Dealing with severe separation anxiety in one session.

Roman has helped me with my stubborn Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix who was dealing with severe separation anxiety. We have only had one training session but it has helped tremendously. As soon as he walked in the door, I was amazed at how my dog reacted to him. He has an incredible and astonishing way with dogs!!
Get help with your dog now. 

For a in home training appointment in local in Phoenix click HERE 

For Virtual Live Video consultation click HERE

It's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training

It's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training

We are all learning our jobs, and how to properly interact with each other. Bruce is doing wonderfully with the kids, he's coming back when we call (most of the time lol), and learning that he can trust us. I have loved the online training sessions, I've been learning so much, and the approach that Roman takes, it's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training. Bruce is so much more comfortable, that he kept photobombing my daughter's back to school pictures!