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Gratitude: She Traveled Like a Freaking ROCK STAR

Gratitude: She Traveled Like a Freaking ROCK STAR

10 months ago my client  was offered a job overseas: less than 2 years after moving into their house they  built after losing their old one and pups to fire a year prior.😱

Losing them, ( Mastador, Ziba, and  big mama’s boy Dane, Hagrid,)  prompted their  search for new loves to *try* to fill their holes left in their hearts. They found them. EM Guinness, and Dane Fezzik. What happened next will make you cry 😭

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Testimonial: Dealt With Resource Guarding Through Roman’s Online Class


Hi Roman I was just watching one of your videos.  I can't believe how one online class of your has helped to this extent. 

Rudy now sits for his leash to go outside.

I'm watching the one on resource guarding and I watched the one on how it is important for puppies to learn the threshold of biting. 

I believe we are responsible for his problems for how we handled his mouthing and nipping at us and taking things away.


We decided to approach it by giving him more bones and more opportunities to show us early cues he isn't comfortable. 

In 2 incidents he ran to his kennel with items he took from the kitchen.  I noticed both times it was the fast motion of my sons reaction even though they weren't near his kennel.

Im so grateful for all help through online classes to knowledge through your groups. I have seen a remarkable difference not only in Rudy but particularly in one of our sons. This experience is even more essential since Rudy was displaying aggression and our son is going into the profession of law enforcement.he greatest news is everyone in the house watching the first lesson and is consistent with Rudy. 

I truly appreciate is that you are not only helping us with the problem but the fact he now sits to greet us and get his leash on has made everyone so excited about Rudy and how this can work.

It is so hopeful.

Thank you - Laura Koelsch- Ohio USA 

Testimonial: From Food-Aggression To Zero incidents

I just wanted to thank you for everything! Our talk last night both assured that some of my thoughts as to why this was happening were right as well as opened my eyes to some of my mistakes in handling it. I LOVE being a mom and wouldn't change that for the world, but Larry's issues made me realize that when I became a mom to my human children, I put so much into them that I truly lost a piece of myself. Our chat has sparked something in me to find that again. And I have Larry to thank for that. We started fresh today and not on lash out. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm excited to grow my relationship not only with Larry but with myself. Read more

Testimonial: He got everyone involved, including our toddler

 ”After doing research to find the best trainer in Phoenix for our needs we hired Roman and couldn't be happier with our decision.

He immediately showed us why our Cane Corso puppy did the things he did and what we were doing wrong and how to correct it. He got everyone involved, including our toddler.”

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