Training & Accsessories

Leash for Training

A elegant good, light, leather leash with a good grip is a great tool to connect with your dog. Easy to clean and maintain just like a  pair of shoes. 

Together with a good martingale collar that is easily adjusted and removed, your dog will easely adjust to your walk, and be safe. 

Inexpensive training 3/4 inch collar. adjustment is secure. Closes quick.

WHY A LONG LEASH? My favorite! Long leashes provide a true "off-leash" feel that is essential for training, recalling, and behavior adjustment. Long leashes are also commonly known as a "long-line" or "check cord."

  • PERFECT FOR TRAINING – The handle includes a buckle that opens to allow the leash to be secured around trees, posts or tables to give your dog a natural off-leash feel.

  • MADE FOR COMFORT – Neoprene-padded handle provides a comfortable, no-slip grip. Swivel-free clasp prevents tangling when walking or training your busy dog!

  • WEATHERPROOF AND DURABLE– Made with premium quality nylon, the strap is water-, UV- and mildew-resistant for long-term, active use.

  • BORN IN THE USA – Mighty Paw is family-owned and operated out of Rochester, NY. We stand behind our products! Not satisfied with your product? Return it to us within 90 days and get 100% of your money back!

This 3/4 Martingale Collar is very comfortable to wear but slow to react.It needs 2x the time to close.
not recommended for training but great for everyday.


Keeps your dog paws soft. Great for winter and summer and slippery floors. 


We use this system for my whole family (dogs are family) this version has a 100gal/day output. This will help you fill up water buckets for dogs and cooking at the same time.

Confinement, cleaning, Dental and Entertainment 

Safety Warning

Caution: to ensure the safety of your pet, supervise your pet at all times during play. Do not allow your pet to play with the toy if any part of the toy comes loose or separated. This toy is intended to be used only with supervision

force and pain free training/Safety tools

The patented Baskerville Ultra Muzzle was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to protect against bites but not at the expense of a dogs welfare or happiness. Every aspect of the muzzle's design has been created to combine maximum safety with comfort for the dog.

Teaching the dog the word Muzzle Up Dogs mouth is the most important tool to survive, Breathing, eating, drinking, holding, cutting, communication, defense it's all in one. It's understandable that having the dog's muzzle restricted causes the dog anxiety of survival. Muzzle is a great tool to have, for the vet, for the trail, with visitors etc.

feeding &watering

Dogs need free access to fresh clean water all the time. Ensure bowls are not containing toxic substances or sharp edges, free of cracks and stains.   

Understanding the dog’s care and nutritional needs is a key factor to your dogs longevity.

Books we RECOMMEND for our dog Training and animal healing Healing Classes

Books we Recommend For our holistic Behavior Classes 

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