Holistic Online Training Works!  

Since 2007, thousands of people have had successful remote training help from me when everything else failed. 
Holistic online training is proving to be the most effective training method available.

Working with a trainer online is supportive and empowering for both you, your family, and your dog. Not only does it help balance your dog's body, mind, and spirit, but it also reinforces a balanced relationship between all family members that are involved in the training process. It's so easy that even a small child can learn how to train a dog with online coaching. 

what is a Mind-Body-Spirit training approach?

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  • Emotionally positive, force-free, and pain-free dog behavior modification

  • Breed appropriate nutrition consultation

  • Breed specific exercise and job description


  • Relationship-based dog management

  • Identifying the purpose of your dog being in your life

  • Trauma healing, ( emotional, physical, environmental, prenatal, genetic etc.)

  • Dog/dog and human/dog dynamics


  • Remote energy healing; Reiki*, or Reconnective Animals™ **,

  • Emotional and energetic healing,

No other dog training modality combines a more complete body-mind-spirit approach. 

*) Usui Reiki for animals facilitated by Reiki Master Roman Gottfried.       

**) Reconnective Animals™ facilitated by Intuitive Healer Barbara Buck


My online clients worldwide

The only difference between online and in-person training is that I'm on a video feed instead of at your house. I call you on whatever live feed video is most convenient for you- Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Hangouts- and walk you through the training process. I demonstrate on one of my dogs what I want you to do, then watch you as you practice on your dog, and correct you if necessary.  If you like to have a copy of your training session i can record it on ZOOM.
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how is online training better than In-home training? 

Online Training has many advantages over having a trainer coming into your home.

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  1. Your dog only gets information and education from you or your family

  2. Your dog does not feel the need to protect you or your home from an outsider

  3. Everything starts calmly with no stress or distractions

  4. The whole family can attend

  5. No Vaccinations needed

  6. No age limitations

  7. No travel time or costs are involved, so it saves you money

  8. More flexible appointments - I can be virtually everywhere ( as long you have internet reception)

  9. Help your dog reach his or her highest potential

  10. Faster results

When other trainers left my home, they took the training power with them. After I worked with Roman online, the training power stayed with me.
— Jared Horne, USA
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Online training options:

Single Virtual Training Sessions

Initial Virtual Training  (45 minutes @ $97.00)

If you need only one training session to refresh your Holistic Training skills, or your dog shows minor behavior issues, then this is the right session for you. Many people see huge improvement with only one session in 60% of behaviors.

Premium Virtual Training (1 hour @ $120.00)

The premium training session, is is to help you and your dog better understand your relationship. Identify the triggers, underlying causes and complexity of your dog's or dogs behavior. This is the best single session if you have dog-dog disputes or human-dog disputes with a reactive dog that shows signs of aggression.* This might stabilize the situation in your home and give you time to make arrangements, however, from experience a Behavior modification bundle is the best long term solution. 

*)  If your dog is usually calm and loving but suddenly displays aggression, your first course of action should be to see your veterinarian.

Premium Behavior Consultation (1 hour 30 minutes @ $160.00)

This session is for complex dogs or multiple dogs home with aggressive behavior, severe trauma or if there is no information about their past. This session includes intuitive reading, remote re-connective healing, and training session to help stabilize the situation.

Online Synergistic Archetype reading.

What is archetype?

The origins of the archetypal hypothesis date as far back as Plato. Plato's ideas were pure mental forms that were imprinted in the soul before it was born into the world. They were collective in the sense that they embodied the fundamental characteristics of a thing rather than its specific peculiarities. 

My views about the 'archaic remnants', which I call 'archetypes' or 'primordial images,' have been constantly criticized by people who lack a sufficient knowledge of the psychology of dreams and of mythology. The term 'archetype' is often misunderstood as meaning certain definite mythological images or motifs, but these are nothing more than conscious representations. Such variable representations cannot be inherited. The archetype is a tendency to form such representations of a motif—representations that can vary a great deal in detail without losing their basic pattern.” Carl Jung

I recognized that using these archetypes would be helpful when it comes to identify and create a virtual representation of a family system that includes different species.

In order to create balance the Family system each member of the family has to adjust his energy accordingly.
The Systemic Archetype Reading is an intuitive approach to capture a "energetic screenshot” of a family system.
It gives a present representation of each member’s archetype and its relationship within.

It helps identify behavior patterns in search of energetic blockages that affects the whole family system including the animals living within.

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Roman was able to open my eyes and look at things differently. I had successfully rehabbed many food aggressive dogs in the past but Larry was different. A couple things Roman explained and I did/do are

1: A mid day healthy snack

2: I stood there monitoring and I make sure the other animals give him his space so that he doesn’t feel the need to defend himself

3: Relationship building with Larry (basic obedience with positive reinforcement individually, then add one dog at a time)

We went from multiple daily food aggression incidences to Zero meal related incidences and a handful of other food (treats, crumbs the kids left behind etc) incidences in months.
— Kate Wento, Saugerties, New York

Behavior Modification Bundles

Premium Online Behavior Healing Bundle ($585 Bundle- seven sessions+ two healing sessions)

This premium package is designed for New Dog Parents with puppies or dogs with extremely complex behavior issues.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Aggression against humans and animals, Injury related behaviors, dogs with no behavior history records, etc. It ’s tailored to your dog's unique trauma, needs and your training goals. The training session starts with a remote Reconnective healing session facilitated by Barbara Buck - re-connective healing practitioner, followed by a remote systemic behavior evaluation. second session is again a healing session followed by four followup sessions.

Thank you Roman,  you helped me online line with my Cane Corso Ceasar a long time ago. He was aggressive, runt of the litter and with your guidance taught me and my family, how to deal with him, force free and pain free, in just five sessions.
He is 9 years old now, he still respects us and we respect him and the breed.
Thank you!
— Bernadette Grella Roberts, NY, USA

Problems this package can address:        

extreme Separation Anxiety
Social dysfunction     
Aggressive towards visitors and animals     Leash aggression        
Resource aggression         
Extreme Destructive chewing/digging       Post medical treatment aggression         
Fear of noises, situations, people, or events         
Extreme protective of people and children
Multiple times re-homed
failed several training attempts

What you get:
2 Re-connective Healing sessions
1 systemic consultation 90 minute long
4 online training sessions 45 minute long
2 “laser” sessions. These are roughly 30-minute online troubleshooting sessions
Personalized training instructions
Priority text troubleshooting support during business hours 8am-4pm (-07:00 UTC) 
5 Video homework evaluations
Skills you can use with every dog in your life. 

Savings: $350

Troubleshooting and consultation for pet professionals

As former Foster dog trainer, boarding and daycare service professional i know how things can get serious with a dog in your care. Sometimes having a second opinion or someone to talk to and brainstorm makes a huge difference. 
I coached hundreds of professionals and have created awesome professional relationships with colleagues, and rescues. 

Need Help dealing with a client or dog?