Testimonial: I have a new outlook, a better understanding.


Hi my mastiff family! I would just like to voice a few opinions and please interject!  I am a mastiff mom of a 2 year old recently neutered Male and a 10 month old in season female.

Before this duo I had my soul dog Norman..o ly to lose him at 3 to eplilepsy.  Back story..Norm was a protective jerk..until his neuter so I had to be attentive to all the signs and brace myself for his reactions.

And that's what they were..reactions...not disobedience...they were circumstantial reactions.

Fast forward to my Walter...2 years old..just neutered..with a young female mastiff and an old lady intact chihuahua in the house.  It just so happens that his best buddy is coming in to season...Walter is struggling to control himself and he gets a bit too excited when my guests come over.  My first reaction is hes be coming aggressive.


After watching Roman Gottfried  videos...I have a new outlook on my boy and guess what....hes on his way to being balanced again..only because I have a new outlook and therefore a better understanding.  Thank you Roman!

Thanks to Roman I've also accepted that they aren't my big babies..their job is to protect me and their home and that's what they do..how can I reprimand them for doing such? It is I who needs to adjust so to speak.

Jessica Paige - Ontario Canada.


Roman Gottfried is an internationally renowned Holistic Dog Training and Dog/Human Relationship Coach. He works with dog parents worldwide via video conference to help their dogs reach their full potential, by teaching them the holistic philosophy of creating a healthy relationship with their dog. He sees clients both online and in-person in Phoenix, Arizona and Eugenie, Oregon  

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