TESTIMONIAL: Dealing with severe separation anxiety in one session.

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10 tips to treat Separation Anxiety

Roman has helped me with my stubborn Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix who was dealing with severe separation anxiety and disobedience. We have only had one training session but it has helped tremendously. As soon as he walked in the door, I was amazed at how my dog reacted to him. He has an incredible and astonishing way with dogs!!
— Lisa P. - Texas, USA
  1. Create quick good-bye and welcome rituals.

  2. Observe your habits and become unpredictable.

  3. Be consistent with your routines and emotions. if you feel guilty for leaving your dog that makes it even worse.

  4. Pay attention to your dogs needs. Make sure your puppy has eliminated, has something to be occupied with, had plenty of exercise, and has enough room to move.

  5. Keep your promise, you leave to return with gift as reward for your dog's patience. 

  6. Don't make leaving a big event. If you put your dog in the crate, do so before you get dressed, but also if you leave for a short period of time. 

  7. Practice being apart. Don't let your dog follow you everywhere.

  8. Don't reward your dog with petting or treats, for coming up or following you without your clear instructions.

  9. Leave your dog in a dog safe environment, where s/he does not get trapped, hurt and leave  plenty of water, safe toys, 

  10. Set up backup plan in case youre late.

Medication does not treat the reason why your dogs has separation anxiety, it only reduces the symptoms of how the dog feels.
We have only had one training session but it has helped tremendously.
— Lisa P.

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