Roman Gottfried’s Holistic Dog Training and Behavior Healing Mentoring and Certification Program


Online Holistic dog Behavior Healing Program

Online mentoring program to become a certified holistic dog behavior healer


  • Private individuals: 3-5 years dog handling experience required, as a shelter volunteer or Foster ( proof from involved shelter or rescue)

  • Dog trainers: Pet Trainer Certification

  • Veterinary Technician: Certification


  • Access to high speed internet or 4G cellphone coverage.

  • A computer and basic computer skills.


What You will Learn


Final evaluation of skills

  • How to build strong bonds, using Force Free and Emotionally Positive techniques

  • You’ll get a deeper understanding of dog’s social relationships and behaviors.

  • Why dogs become reactive and how to help them navigate through their relationships with dogs, and humans In modern societies.

  • The Spiritual Aspect Of Dogs and How To Help Them Help Their Human Partners

  • How Dogs Get Traumatized and How To Heal Their Trauma

  • Learn how to use intuitive skills to find and heal emotional trauma

Your program Includes

  • Dog Behavior Healing Certificate

  • Online Training classes (40 hours) with tests on different class components

  • 5-hour personal mentoring online training sessions with Roman Gottfried

  • Basic dog nutrition

  • Golden Frequency Healing certificate



Six months to one year



For the entire program includes

  • certification of attendance

  • golden frequency animal healing certification and

    Inline consultations
    Price: $1600 USD

  • To receive your certification as Holistic Behavior consultant you need to attend a one week in person program already included in the price ( travel experiences not included)

  • 200 units of continuous education needed for yearly renewal of your certification

    Payment plan available through Paypal Credit


Certification Criteria

  • Understanding dog’s basic needs

  • Basic training skills includes obedience commands

  • Assess behavior issues

  • Locate and assess triggers to behavior, including reactivity and aggression

  • Understand dog/human connections and how they contribute to behavior

  • Assess the emotional needs of the dog

  • Identifying systemic patterns between dogs and their human parents

  • Ability to do trauma assessment

  • Ability to build trust and confidence in a dog

  • Familiarity with breed specifics

  • Being able to do remote energy healing on animals

  • Recognizing dog parenting styles

  • implement alternative healing modalities into behavior modification.

Having a rescue and taking in the ones others won’t... I can assure anyone, that Holistic training works, as long as you listen and pay attention 😉 it’s a mindset and lifestyle change for the positive. And let’s face it, we all need reminders, coaching, and mentors to strive to be better than we were yesterday. Roman Gottfried thank you for always stepping up and helping me not only improve my rescues, but also making me a better person!
— Ana Urbin - Founder Save A Soul Sanctuary and Rescue

Testing and Certification Process

  • Proof of previous dog training or handling skills required

  • Scenario test with written training plan and course of action  

  • Being observed in a training session with an unfamiliar dog by a certified trainer or live stream with Roman

  • (8 hours) hands on assessment in two cases with real clients and dogs provided by Roman Gottfried. (At Location to be determined)

What Is Covered in RHDT Holistic Dog Trainer and Behavior Healing Course

There are two major sections

About Canines

Canine ethics and morals
Canine behavior
Canine body language and communication
Misconceptions and myths about training & canine behavior

The history of dog training

Canine behavior in the wild
Canine cognition
Socialization and fear periods
Learning theory


Human Canine relationships


Parental Influence on the Emotional Development of Dogs (SAMPLE)
Attachment styles and development
Parenting styles
Relationship traumas
Family dynamics and Synergistic relationships


In Home and Online consultations

Dog proofing and safety
Training equipment
Trainer - client relationships In-home training
Training In group settings
Online consultations
Other pet services
Proactive planning and preparation. 
Dealing with stressed and/or distracted dogs to handling a dog bite in class. 
Your support team: Holistic veterinarians, and nutritionist, groomers Rescues and shelters
Hands-on training in a shelter and at fosterhomes

Steve Kalco Review 5.jpeg

Become Successful Educator

Trainer’s role in building relationships, preventing and addressing fear and stress in dogs
Education and proactive parenting
Emotions, treats, and markers in HDT
Triggering behaviors and identifying stressors , free will experience
Common behavior problems (management and training)
Basic manners and life skills
Reinforcement and reinforcersTypes of communication
Teaching tasks, jobs and projects


Teaching Shelters, Volutreers, Parents and Kids

Human communication and learning – keeping clients engaged and learning
Identifying client’s goals and their capabilities
Dealing with emotional and combative clients
Balanced Training, Positive training VS Holistic Training – what it is and what it isn’t
Promoting and defending positive training

Energies and Healing

Understanding the canine energetic synthesis

How trauma, blockage and energies affect behavior

Purpose of human/dog relationships

Healing trauma and releasing energetic blocks

Alternative healing modalities that can help with behavior issues

Intuitive tools and development

and many more Have a look at the CURRICULUM

Austin Animal Shelter workshop

Austin Animal Shelter workshop

I am happy to recommend Roman Gottfried’s online training classes. I have had my own fosters and personal dogs evaluated and helped by Roman , and have also just recently set up and attended an online canine holistic handler class for about 20 volunteers with the rescue that I volunteer for, National Great Pyrenees Rescue.
— Susan DeBili Secretary, National Great Pyrenees Rescue

Schedule a mentoring interview with Roman and get the that answers to your questions.


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