Are you local and in need of training help? 

There is more to training than obedience and obeying commands. Take the lead with love and know-how as you learn to truly unleash your dog's potential.

I offer relationship-based training, which fosters trust and creates an emotionally positive experience for both you and your dog in the comfort of your own home.


You'll learn to see your dog's behavior from a body, mind, and spirit perspective. Together we'll find the issues that might be standing in the way of your dog's success, and I'll teach you about your dog's needs, and what he or she is trying to tell you that you might not be aware of.

I'll teach you to recognize characteristics specific to your dog’s breed and how to enhance his or her natural skills and tendencies. I’m really excited to show you your dog’s potential! I enjoy seeing the healthy relationships that are built through Holistic Dog Training.

I also enjoy the rewarding lick I get when I'm done with the dog's rehabilitation and when they finally feel safe, know their job, and feel the new bond you create with them during the training process.

Roman has a peaceful, confident air about him which caused my “great grand” Bullies to respond immediately. My grandson has 2 7-month-old American Bullies, from the same litter.

Roman has positive ideas about individualizing their training without keeping them constantly separated.
Bottom line when I use the methods that Roman demonstrated the pups respond very well and they seem happy with all the positive praise instead of constant “no, no no! The rest of the family is happy too!
— Laura Noone,
in trafic training 2.png

 I'm often called in for cases that others can't handle, the rough ones where the dog might be put down or surrendered because of reactive or aggressive behavior. I am honored to be part of the path of healing for these dogs and their owners. Everyone benefits.

As a Certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healing therapist, I can sense the energy shift within the family system during the training process.
It's my mission to help people understand that dogs are here to support our emotional and spiritual path and are not here to "serve" us. We can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship that is healing for both human and dog by creating a team environment where everyone is happy and gets what they need.

My training methods are force-free, positive, and emotionally supportive. My worldwide proven science-based dog training methods not only empower you to handle your dog with more confidence, but I also provide the tools necessary for you to train any dog you have in the future.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the country, I offer the best and fastest results for your dog.

I see clients in down town area, including Suburbs, and provide force free dog training and behavior modification for dogs with any type of problems.

We recently adopted a very fearful dog from a local shelter and we knew we would need help with him before we even took him home. I was referred to a dog trainer who insisted that our little guy needed to be “broken like a wild horse” and his training methods left me wary of other trainers to say the least. Next up, I found Roman. His approach is kind and incredibly effective. I was so relieved to hear that I didn’t have to be my dog’s “pack leader” or employ methods that just didn’t feel right. Tucker progresses at his own rate and I am able to watch him make marked progress every time we work with him. Roman understands my dog and what he needs and adjusts his approach to get the best out of him. He is simply amazing and I would absolutely never use another dog trainer! Hire Roman and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. He will change the way you think about your dog and help you understand him/her in ways you never realized were possible.
— Mackenzie D.-

You will experience what a great dog you have and you will  establish your relationship with your dog.

To learn more about  affordable training packages, contact me, or  if you want to discuss what the best option is for you, schedule a Behavior Diagnostic Session  

Get the help you need
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In-Home Initial Training Session

45 minutes $120*
Many people see huge improvement with their first session. You will learn what your dog is struggling with, and we will be able to improve the situation. Schedule a in home consultation by choosing your location.

Roman is the best. He’s caring and nonjudgmental. He works as a translator between my dog and me. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds because of Romans guidance. I swear my dog loves me even more now.
— Christine Acebo,

In Home Premium Healing+Training Consultation 

(45 minute in Home Training + 45 minute virtual Reconnective-healing for animals $160*) ( 25% savings)
Best for complex behavior issues such as trauma related reactivity on the leash, intense pulling, barking and challenging people at the door or at the fence, multiple dog disputes, aggression towards family members, Fear and trauma related aggression, post-surgery aggression, usually one premium session is enough to improve and stabilize the situation.
However, over the years i noticed that best results are accomplished when working with a Premium Strong Bond Healing and Training Bundle. we can discuss this after our initial session.

In Home Follow up Training session

Single 45 minutes Follow-up - (only possible after initial or premium session) Rate: $ 120*
Follow-up session as part of your training bundle please enter your email or redeem-code provided in your order confirmation

*) $0,54/mileage fee applies from City Limits


Training and Behavior Healing Bundles

Strong Bond Bundle

$585* ($130 savings)

If one session can change the world for your dog, imagine the benefit of my holistic behavior healing system. It will make your dog love you even more.

This in-home package is designed for New Dog Parents with puppies or dogs with moderate behavior issues ( excluding aggressive behavior toward humans), and is the most popular package. It ’s tailored to your dog's unique needs and your training goals. 

If you have a human aggressive dog or a dog with serious emotional or physical trauma, I suggest the premium package instead of this one, which includes a systemic evaluation. I specialize in complex behavior issues and have created a package specifically for “problem” dogs. 

Roman Mastiff client.jpg

Problems this package can address:        
Complex housebreaking ("potty training")         
Poor socialization         
A difficulty with visitors/jumping (not for human aggressive dogs)         
Leash pulling and reactivity         
Destructive chewing/digging         
Bad house manners         
Isolation distress
Separation anxiety        
Fear of noises, situations, people, or events         
Resource guarding/location guarding/person guarding. Guarding refers to dogs who are possessive and aggressive when you approach them while they are eating, chewing a bone or toy, on the furniture, or near a particular person, provided the dog has never bitten anyone.*     Preparing your dog for a baby's arrival         
Preparing your dog for a new pet's arrival         
Helping your dog acclimate to a new baby or pet after it has already arrived. 

What you get:

  • 5 In-home training sessions 45 minutes that includes, evaluation and training that will walk you through the 5 step holistic behavior system (info-graph right)

  • 2 “laser” online sessions. These are roughly 20-minute online troubleshooting sessions that can be used for a specific behavior that needs to be addressed immediately. An example would be a behavior that the dog wouldn’t normally show when I’m there, like barking at the garbage man.

  • Personalized training instructions

  • Text troubleshooting support (during business hours 8am - 5pm)

  • The whole family gets involved (kids over 5 years old)

  • Video homework evaluation

  • Skills you will use with every dog in your life.

*) $0,54/mile additional fee may apply for out of city limits appointments.

I’m now offering a payment plan for this package. Contact me for further information regarding paying in installments. 

Savings: $130

> Money back guarantee if you don't see progress after the first session.
> Warranty: sessions can be added if needed @ $120/session + $0,54/mile round trip  
> No Refund of remaining sessions after booking the second session.
> Client is responsible to submit his video-homework 3-4 days after previous session, and to schedule his follow up session every 7-12 days. 

Chose Your Area In the valley


Puppy Parenting and training Bundle


In my 11 years of experience working worldwide with over 2500 families with dogs , the number one reason for behavior issues is unhealthy relationships. Poor human/canine relationships can cause a lack of trust, difficulty with learning, stress, and even fear for an adult dog. If you know how to create a healthy connection with your dog while it's young, then training will be easy and effective. Your Puppy will become a great family dog.
Most people think regular puppy classes in stores is the solution.

The Reality:
Puppy classes that are available in the market are only addressing obedience problems. Social interaction is limited to the small class with the same dogs in the same room for six weeks per class, due to liability issues only on leash in a small space.

What they cover:
Due to insurance restrictions and business policies the safety of trainer, people and of other puppies limits the range of education, and covers only few of 10 puppy development stages.

You have to leave the house travel for 20 mins to an hour round trip, your whole family cannot attend, and if you have another pet, sorry it has to stay at home alone.
To get all the information you need to train your puppy, you must attend all 5-6 additional classes, each six weeks long.

Your puppy might be great in class but not in your home. By the time you finished all levels, your puppy has already shown behavior problems you are not yet ready to address, and likely to hire a trainer.

Vaccination Policy:
Even tough vaccines are important for your dog and his health, it can intefere with the puppy’s needs of training. To attend a class your puppy needs to vaccinated, and usually you can’t start unless you have all shuts completed, or up to date with ridiculous yearly vaccines rules ( just to get you in their veterinary treatment plan). That is a huge delay in the puppy’s social development. ( New research states that last puppy parvo-virus vaccine should be given at 18 weeks of age.) Pets-stores and most vets want to push all vaccines at the same time which causes huge stress on the dogs body and health.

That’s a Catch-22

What other people have to say:
Here a great Video testimonial from Haku’s mom. Haku graduated from Puppy class at PetSmart on February 28th, 2018 ! She describes how the class was worked for her, how Haku did, and if she thought it was worth it! To follow Haku’s journey subscribe here

Risk of Puppy-classes
In Pet-stores: Puppy get easily over excited, can’t focus, are stressed, or get fearful of other dogs etc. In some cases the class consist of only few dogs, some are very stressed which affects every one else. The trainer either has to address the behavior during class and ignore the others or ignore the struggling puppy and move on with the class leaving the one behind.

Lack of trust:
Some Puppies have not established trust with their human guardians (insecure attachment) leading the puppy to reactive behavior and even aggression.

Usually, in brick and mortar stores each class costs about $119. To teach your puppy what it needs to know you need to attend 4-6 classes, each 6 weeks long. Average cost $600 to get a average knowledge about obedience and limited socialization, with no in home or other trouble-shooting skills.
If your puppy shows an unwanted behavior, you either wait 30 weeks or hire a trainer. Because of insurance restrictions and BSL policies some breeds are not accepted in classes forcing owners to either skip puppy classes or wear muzzles.

Most people struggle with their dog’s behavior at home, kids, visitors, other pets. its practically impossible to recreate the events in commercial classes.

  • Dogs behave differently in public than in the class

  • Dogs are not protective of their home or yard during class

  • Different stressors, in different places lead to different behavior

  • Kids and the partner are important part of the training and should attend the class.

Finding a good puppy class is difficult near your home is rare, round-trip from 30-60 mins is very common.

The Solution: In-Home Premium Puppy Parenting and Training Bundle

Holistic Puppy Parenting and Training Bundle in 10 sessions ( 7 in your home and three online) will solve most if not all your training problems. The Proactive nature of the coaching system will help you be ahead of your puppy and ready to face any challenges. As early as 8 weeks of age, from the comfort of your home, at your pace and all family can attend. by the time your puppy is up to-date with his vaccines, he/she will be ready and confident to explore the world.

There are two main development stages we will cover.

Puppy Level 1 - age from 1-7 months (also covers early weaned off or rejected puppies)

Four in-home sessions and one online Followup session are focusing on but not limited to:

Crate training
Potty training
Bite inhibition and visual language teaching
Separation anxiety
Chewing and jumping troubleshooting
Leash training
Nutrition and exercise
Basic obedience and excitement control

Puppy Level 2- from 6-16 months

3 in homes sessions, and one online Followup session which will focus on, but not limited to:

Establishing clear tasks, and communication skills
Loose Leash Walk: teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash.
Field trip Social interaction and greeting people and dogs in social places.
Tips for Play-dates with dogs and children
Field trip to a dog park


FB Group Covers parenting.png

Session can be recorded and available for replay
Documents related with our Training.
Closed FB Group
Free Training Video Library
Txt support during business hours

Cost $685 ( Value $1020) savings $385 Click on the Button below to start your Premium Puppy Parenting and Training Bundle


Premium Dog Adoption Package - Strong Bond

Price $585 ($310 if bought separately) for future adopters

Every year 10% of all adopted dogs in USA will be returned to the shelter or rescue. Reason: The dog was failed during integration and decompression time, in the first 4 weeks after adoption.


Premium Session Duration: 90 minutes at your home

Every dog parent has unique needs. We narrow down what the best options for you are based on your level of experience; from dog breed, temperament, age, activity level, and if you are a multi-dog home or have other pets, like cats, bunnies, etc. I check your living space for dog friendliness, safety, and help you make a list for what you might need. I also will go over the costs for owning a dog depending on size and breed, so you can create a budget.

Finding Your New Family Member: ($160 if bought separately)at the shelter*

60 minutes premium evaluation and training at shelter

I evaluate two or three dogs you are interested in adopting or owning for behavior, suitability, and temperament. Let’s make sure the dog you pick is given the best opportunity to become a healthy, happy member of your family
*) $0,54/mileage fee applies from AZ-85012

5 Training Sessions Bundle ($120 per session if bought separately)

45 minutes long

The five sessions will go over everything you need to have a well-behaved happy dog that you have a great relationship with. its a 5 week long ( we meet once a week) The sessions include:

  • Your dog’s first 48 hours;

  • decompression and integrating into the family safely and calmly

  • Basic nutritional information

  • Creating a relationship using unique exercises that will make your dog WANT to follow commands instead of forcing or shaming him into it.

  • Leash work and basic commands like sit, down, etc.

  • Crate training

  • Preparing your dog for pet professional visits like the vet or groomer.

  • Socialization with people and other dogs.

2 “Emergency” Online Sessions ($57 per session if bought separately)

20 minutes per session

We can set these up as needed for one problem=one solution. An example would be if your dog is having problems greeting people and you want to have a party, I can walk you through what to do virtually in real time. I use ZOOM, FaceTime, Facebook video, Skype, or Hangouts to help you with the issue, so that I don’t “take over” the process. These appointments are mentoring sessions that are used after your sessions are completed. your package does not expire.
6 months interest free payment plan through Paypal-Credit