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How to Heal Your Dog's Aggression Workshop. Bark Avenue Mesa AZ July 14 1-3pm

  • 3109 E McKellips Rd, Mesa, Arizona 85213 (map)

Why is My Dog Reactive? How to Heal Your Dog of Food Aggression, Resource Guarding, and Other Reactive Behavior

Reactive behavior has deeply rooted causes that are beyond what you see. A dog growling over its bowl isn’t possessiveness, but a behavioral issue that most likely stems from trauma. 

You can correct the surface problem with training, but it will eventually manifest in some other reactive behavior like resource guarding or being territorial. 

Holistic Dog Behavior Coach Roman Gottfried gets to the bottom of reactivity and how you can help your dog heal it. 

Space is limited please RSVP if you bring your pet to the workshop.
Bring your dog for this interactive seminar! Call to reserve your spot: 480-832-2510.

Price: suggested donation $10 (supporting families in need of training support) 

Perk: Participants get a $30 Gift Certificate towards Dog-training