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Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what he was thinking? Why she follows you from room to room or what whines and vocalizations mean? Do you sometimes wonder if your furry friend is staring at you thinking, "why isn't she getting it?"  This beginners class will help you get fluent in dog - and soon you and your companion will be barking the same tune. 

Class type: 

ONLINE Live streaming Class In Closed Facebook group


Two days

Graduates will learn the following:

  • Greeting a dog and respecting Dog's time and personal space
  • Body language and warning signals (basics)
  • Earning trust and respect
  • Teaching simple tasks
  • Excitement management (basics)
  • Understanding Dog's drives
  • Basics in Social interactions and dynamics
  • Basic leash management
  • Feeding
  • Tips and tricks for the Vet-visit

Early Bird Registration if you register on or before 7/26/16:

Full registration $128

Registration after 7/26/16:

Full registration $160


20 live participants

Want to speak "Dog?"

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