The online Facebook Group consulting...GENIUS!

Roman, we are SO lucky to have you on our 30,000 member strong Mastiff Lovers FB-Group!
And the online consulting, the Facebook #HolisticDogTraining...GENIUS! It's like you are closer than a phone call away! I always appreciate your insight & input! 

It’s like you are closer than a phone call away!
— Jodi Barnhart Turner, Iova, USA
Thank you for all your help and pointers. You have been a tremendous help to many in this group.
— Dawn St., Ontario Canada
As a vet tech student and vet assistant, I am STILL learning animal behavior and learn new things every day! It is so important to understand the human-animal relationship/bond, even as pet owners! So glad to have you in this group, Roman!!
— Heather Fields, Ohio, USA
Thank you Roman. We all love you here at Mastiff Lovers! Such great advice as usual.You should be also educating the prison system on where they are going wrong on rehabilitation. There system only creates monsters. More dogs in prisons would be a great start. Love your advice. You have helped so many of us and our fur babies... Cheers mate
— Justin Humphrys, Arkansas USA
Roman, thank you so kindly for sharing your knowledge with us!!
— Stacy Wallick - Michigan USA
Thank you for doing this for everyone, great advise. Gives me ideas for what my retired service dog is going through
— Constance Wilson- US Army Veteran