I swear my dog loves me even more now.

Roman is the best. He's caring and nonjudgmental. He works as a translator between my dog Sterling and me.

Sterling Cane Corso mix

Sterling Cane Corso mix

Here is our story:I got sterling as a puppy. I thought he was older than what he actually was so I was taking him to the Austin-Greenbelt and park at a very young age. My roommate at the time had two dogs. One old black lab, very well trained but aggressive. He bit Sterling at least two times. One boarder collie that was very intense with very high energy. She snarled at him from across the room and snip at him as well. He was attacked by a Pitt bull at my friends house. Sterling went limp and had little damage. Than I moved into my new house. We live in a duplex.

The neighbor dogs are two German Shepherds. One of them, Jolene, bit sterling through the fence and then months later attacked him in the front yard. Sterling fought back at that point and almost killed her. She did a lot of damage to his side and bit me as well.

Roman helped me understand whats was going on, and implement a healthy diet to reduce Sterling's stress. We increased our one on one time and added structured training,  balanced games, and more walks. He become so calm and relaxed that we could have better interactions, he would listen and follow commands, become more attentive and focused. Its been a huge improvement.

I'm a student, and my finances are tight. Roman was able to arrange a payment plan so we could start training immediately.

We’ve grown by leaps and bounds because of Romans guidance. I swear my dog loves me even more now.
— Christine Acebo, Texas USA