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From Food-Aggression To Zero incidents

I just wanted to thank you for everything! Our talk last night both assured that some of my thoughts as to why this was happening were right as well as opened my eyes to some of my mistakes in handling it. I LOVE being a mom and wouldn't change that for the world, but Larry's issues made me realize that when I became a mom to my human children, I put so much into them that I truly lost a piece of myself. Our chat has sparked something in me to find that again. And I have Larry to thank for that. We started fresh today and not on lash out. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm excited to grow my relationship not only with Larry but with myself. Read more

Thayne Hamilton here from Grey Muzzle Rescue.


 “Hey, Thayne Hamilton here from Grey Muzzle Rescue.

I am a firm believer in Roman Gottfried's holistic work. I have been rescuing the worst of the worst Abused Dogs for 15 years and a couple years ago he helped me evaluate (Over the Phone) a severely abused Great Pyrenees that I could not quite pin point the underlying issues that were making her snap into a Killer.


Together we came up with a Plan for her and within 2 weeks using his advise she was a different dog forever.

It was like he saw into her heart by asking all the right questions.

Some people are just that good at what they do...

Roman Gottfried is one of them.” 

Who is Thayne Hamilton? See your self. 


One of his rescue dogs was Lilla (Little Miss Stompy Feet), who spent her first 14 years living chained to a slab. She was in such bad shape when she was rescued that her legs were glued to her body. But she managed to get around with some help from Thayne and a wheelbarrow.



Please send your donations to the address below to support over 40 geriatric dogs in Thayne’s care. 

To visit Grey Muzzle Rescue Fb page click here  


Unexpected Review From Canada

I never would have imagined that someone could completely train a dog from so far away, but with his knowledge and teaching techniques, Roman is able to teach owners how to be the best leader for their dog, no matter where in the world they are.” - Melissa Wilton from Calgary, Alberta -Canada

What in the world is a Hot-dog Test?

Guest Blog - Sharyl Hardy- Austin Texas

Corbin and Sega (aka Saber)

Corbin and Sega (aka Saber)

“I probably never shared this story, lol. After I adopted Corbin, I kept tabs on his last remaining brother (Saber, now Sega). They had been fostered together with their littermates and I felt badly about separating them.  Sega was still unadopted about a month after I brought Corbin home and I emailed the rescue to find out his status.

Sega had actually been "adopted" twice and returned by two families that felt he had too much energy. So he bounced around to two more foster homes and I felt terrible about that.

So, Corbin was in training with my friend Roman during the time I was checking on Sega. I tried finding him a home myself but no interest. I finally asking Roman what he thought about me taking Sega in addition to Corbin. And he told me I should let Corbin decide.

When I laughed and asked how, he suggested a brilliant idea. He told me to go into the other room and on a sheet of paper, write out the options. So, on one half of the paper in my office I wrote: "Bring Saber home" and on the other half I wrote: "Saber stays there." 

We took two pieces of hot dog (high value treats for training) and I placed a bit of hot dog under each option. Roman said, whichever one Corbin takes first, is his choice.


Proof of test results  

Proof of test results  

What's funny was, neither one of us knew how it would work out. I thought Corbin would gobble them both and be done with it. But Corbin actually took one...and totally left the other one on the paper, which stunned me. He never went back for the other piece of hot dog. effect, Corbin told me he wanted his brother with us too.
And that is the "hot dog test." " - Cheryl Hardy - Austin Texas, USA

Romans can help through your adoption process starting with a in depth adoption consultation.
In a 45 minutes video consultation he will make sure you are well prepared to Adopt a dog into an existing dog-family.
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It's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training

It's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training

We are all learning our jobs, and how to properly interact with each other. Bruce is doing wonderfully with the kids, he's coming back when we call (most of the time lol), and learning that he can trust us. I have loved the online training sessions, I've been learning so much, and the approach that Roman takes, it's nice to have the dog listen without loud noises, scolding, or dominance training. Bruce is so much more comfortable, that he kept photobombing my daughter's back to school pictures!

In a one hour setting I learned so much about my dogs, but mostly about myself

In a one hour setting I learned so much about my dogs, but mostly about myself

About two months ago I was kind of desperate. I was walking my dogs only in the early hours, dreading meeting other dogs and having big problems to control them. I was on the verge of giving up as my body could not cope with the strength and energy it took to care for them. Right at that time I heard about Roman Gottfried offering online sessions for people who had trouble with their dogs. I grabbed the opportunity and never regretted it.
In a one hour setting I learned so much about my dogs, but mostly about myself, that with the tools Roman gave me I could start over again.
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His holistic approach is kind and incredibly effective.

His holistic approach is kind and incredibly effective.

Romans approach is simply amazing and I would absolutely never use another dog trainer! Hire Roman and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. He will change the way you think about your dog and help you understand him/her in ways you never realized were possible.

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Cane Corso, aggressive, runt of the litter! Now 9 Year Old Respectful Member- Online Consultation Bundle

Cane Corso, aggressive, runt of the litter! Now 9 Year Old Respectful Member- Online Consultation Bundle

Thank you Roman,  you helped me online line with my Cane Corso Ceasar a long time ago. He was aggressive, runt of the litter and with your guidance taught me and my family, how to deal with him, force free and pain free. He is 9 years old now, he still respects us and we respect him and the breed.

Online Training Is Wonderful - Doc Holiday Pit Bull Rescue Arizona


We at Doc Holliday Pit BULL Rescue Support in AZ LOVE ROMAN! What an amazingly gifted, friendly, educated and generous man. Many canine behaviorists/trainers have "quirks" when it comes to dealing with people. Not Roman! This is what makes his online training so wonderful. Thank you for helping my dear elderly friend with her husky! I'm behind you 100% in all your endeavors. Thank you for being a gift to the animal kingdom, but also an amazing person! - Sharon Vasquez - Doc Holliday Pit Bull Rescue AZ