Titter=safety  Over-vaccination=unsafe

Find a Participating Veterinarian in your state

Dr. Robb will do the titer following these steps:

1. Have your Veterinarian or a Vet Tech draw 2-3 cc's of whole blood and spin in a red-top serum separator tube for ten minutes.
2. Leave the blood in the serum separator tube. 
3. Once you have the blood sample home, complete the contact form below.
4. Once payment has been made, Dr. Robb will be notified and submit your information.
5. You will receive two emails: a pre-paid UPS label, and a submission form.
6. Place the submission form and the sample in a bubble wrap envelope or box, apply the label to the package, and ship directly to the lab.  
7. No refrigeration is required.
8. Drop your sample off in a UPS pick-up box or take it to the nearest UPS store for shipping. 
9. It will take approximately two weeks after shipping to get the results.
10. The results will be forwarded to your email address.  
11. If there are any problems call or text Dr. Robb (203-731- 4251). Please, do not call the Lab directly.