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Strong Bond - Holistic Parenting ONLINE Workshop

  • Online FB Live Streaming (map)

Improving Your Relationship with Your Dog

April 22 -
             4pm AZT
             6pm Central
            7pm Estern  : Two-hour work shop

Establishing a good connection with your dog is the key to having a healthy, well balanced pet. Roman Gottfried’s Holistic approach to training will improve your relationship, and your dog will obey with pleasure, respect, and focus on you-- NOT because you've “dominated” him, but because you've taught him that being in good behavior is the happiest, healthiest, most loving and rewarding way for him to be.

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic communication skills

  • How your dog thinks and perceives the world

  • Establishing a strong and loving relationship

  • How to help your dog reach his or her highest potential

  • Reinforcing strong commands

  • Loose leash training basics

  • Getting your dog’s attention wherever you are.


Each attendee receives a take-home packet with information from the class, so they can apply what they’ve learned at home

Price: $27 USD

About the lecturer: 

Roman is known around the world as the holistic behaviorist who changes lives, who guides dog owners to finally solve even the even the most complex challenges, and whose intuition and unique approach blows people (and dogs) away, even in the very first session.  In fact, he guarantees it.