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Adopted A Dog? What To Do The First Four Weeks After Adoption.

70% of adopted dogs that are returned fail within the first 4 weeks of being in a new home. Dog Parenting a rescue dog can be extremely challenging! 
This class will give you guidance on how to set up your dog for success, so you and he can finally have a happy ending. In just one hour, I will help you understand the basic Parenting skills of rescued dogs. This is the least you can do as an awesome Dog Parent. 

Video and files are accessible even after the event - so you can view them at any time. 

Suggested Donation $27 USD


Online One Hour Facebook Rescue Workshop "Roman To The Rescue" 

Holistic Certification Credits: 1

 90 mins + 20 mins Q&A
Live Broadcast Time starts in


>Introducing a new dog into your home.
>Dog Parenting/management styles, pros and cons
> Types of traumas and how to recognize them
>Dog Traits and how they affect behavior (check list)
>Development stages and the importance of early education and socialization (tips and exercises). 
>Getting your dog to listen to you
>Nutritional awareness and shopping guide. 

>After workshop there will be a 20 minute Q&A, and you can pick my brain!

Full registration $10-$37  (pricing scale)

100 seats

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