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Bark Avenue Fall Food Fest
9:00 AM09:00

Bark Avenue Fall Food Fest

  • Bark Avenue Pet-Supply, Veterinery Hospital, Pet-resort (map)
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Bark Avenue invites you to our first annual Open House on Saturday, November 3rd starting at 9AM. 

There will be FREE fun activities, Free dog Training classes, refreshments and more for the whole family! 

Experience Bark Avenue like never before! For an entire day we are dedicating our time to showing guests our Pet Resort, Animal Hospital and Pet Supply store and all the good changes that we have made to make it a great experience. 

Get a chance to go on a guided tour through the back of our busy hospital and get an understanding of our equipment and how we use them to help animals every day! 

As a bonus, there will also be freshly groomed rescue dogs available for adoption!
Bark Avenue’s groomers have kindly offered their time and materials to get these guys looking their best for you all.
Roman’s Holistic Dog Training offered leash training and dog parenting education
This is a fun opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Bark Avenue
3109 E McKellips Rd
Mesa, AZ 85213

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Six Week Holistic Dog Parenting Workshop @ Bark Avenue Pet supply
to Sep 12

Six Week Holistic Dog Parenting Workshop @ Bark Avenue Pet supply

Phoenix-AZ Dog Lovers!
Become Your dog’s Best Parent In 6 weeks

Starting August 8th: six weeks workshop (indoors, outdoors)

Establishing a good connection with your dog is the key to having a healthy, well balanced pet. Roman Gottfried’s Holistic approach to training will improve your relationship, and your dog will obey with pleasure, respect, and focus on you-- NOT because you've “dominated” him, but because you've taught him that being in good behavior is the happiest, healthiest, most loving and rewarding way for him to be.

For only $160!!! SIGNUP HERE

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Holistic Puppy-Parenting - Online Workshop
4:00 PM16:00

Holistic Puppy-Parenting - Online Workshop

Puppy parenting/management 2 hour workshop. 

Perfect class for new dog parents with puppies age 2 months and up

  • You will learn the basics about 
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Excitement control
  • Bite inhibition 
  • Leash training 
  • Socialization 

This class is endorsed and considered "must" by veterinarians, national rescues and reputable breeders. 
- 20 minutes Q&A optional

Video are sorted in chapters for easy access and will be accessible in real time after the live Broadcast

Cost: $17 - get your seat now click HERE

Broadcast of live video via Zoom


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Adopted  A Dog? What To Do The First Four Weeks After Adoption.
3:00 PM15:00

Adopted A Dog? What To Do The First Four Weeks After Adoption.

70% of adopted dogs that are returned fail within the first 4 weeks of being in a new home. Dog Parenting a rescue dog can be extremely challenging! 
This class will give you guidance on how to set up your dog for success, so you and he can finally have a happy ending. In just one hour, I will help you understand the basic Parenting skills of rescued dogs. This is the least you can do as an awesome Dog Parent. 
Price scale: $10-37 (You need to have a FB-account to join the workshop)
Video and files are accessible even after the event - so you can view them at any time. 


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ATX- Healing For Animal I&II Class at Austin Animal Center
11:00 AM11:00

ATX- Healing For Animal I&II Class at Austin Animal Center

Healing for Animals Level I & II Live Class at Austin Animal Center

Healing for Animals is a unique workshop that was created specifically for people who work with animals. It incorporates Reiki, which is a powerful healing modality that is used for stress reduction and physical healing in people and animals, with natural healing methods to help bring a state of balance. It helps heal all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, it eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues. In this class you will learn everything you need to know.  Secure your seat get tickets HERE

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