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Phoenix AZ - Becoming Your Dog's Best Friend Day 2 - Outdoor Class

  • Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church - Encanto Park 1432-1498 W Encanto Blvd Phoenix, AZ, 85007 United States (map)

Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church, Phoenix AZ

With Roman’s Holistic Dog Training

Join Roman Gottfried for a fun and insightful look into the realm of Holistic Dog Training™. When most people think of dog training, they only consider correcting and shaping a dog’s behavior. The truth is that, just like human children, our fur babies have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs that affect their happiness and well-being. When those needs aren’t met, it can cause behavioral issues and have a negative impact on our relationship with them.

Master Trainer Roman Gottfried is also an energy healer and intuitive, so he takes a spiritual approach to training that is both unique and enlightening. He isn’t just a trainer, but a canine/human relationship coach. He believes that we create relationships with dogs to help us further our personal evolution, and that dogs are not only our companions, but our teachers and healers.

Who should attend? 

This workshop is for anyone who would like to explore their relationship with their dog and become a better dog parent.

Day One: Indoor Class October 26th 7-9PM

  • Different dog soul types and how they affect behavior
  • The spiritual connection between humans and dogs
  • Ways that your dog communicates with you
  • The emotional and energetic consciousness of dogs
  • How to create a conscious energetic connection 

Day Two: Outdoor Class Nov 19th 9-12AM

  • Everything you learned from day one in Hands on Training