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Holistic Foster Training Course

Rescuing dogs is a honorable thing to do. Unfortunately, national statistics show that on average, 10% of all adopted dogs are returned to the shelter or rescue they came from. The primary reasons are behavior issues, like biting, jumping, aggression, or fear. We want to help shelters and their fosters save more lives by teaching them how to handle animals like this without worrying about the cost. To learn more schedule a free Consultation


Roman Gottfried has been a Foster Trainer for over 10 years. He has spent his time training dogs and fosters all around the world and for several national rescues. Roman has worked with over 400 death row dogs with complex behavior issues and been able to successfully rehabilitate and get them adopted. Through trial and education he was able to figure out positive ways to help dogs get through their issues.

“I feel that the knowledge that I've gained needs to be shared to save more dogs.” - Roman Gottfried

Roman uses holistic, emotion-based, force-free training methods to get results. He is an advocate for emotionally positive training and the damaging effects that negative reinforcement can have on dogs, especially ones with trauma.

This is TBone (link to his picture). He was on the kill list at a shelter for aggressive behavior toward humans, but after going through Roman’s foster training program designed specifically for dogs like him, he is now an amazing family dog.

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