The Crucial Three Weeks After Adoption


When you adopt a dog older than 14 weeks, you should be aware that the dog was either bonded with his family or neglected.

Either way, the dog will go through a new imprint period.

What I have experience in 30 years observing dog’s is that the first three weeks after adoption or placement in a new environment, everything that will happen  will be recorded in the dog's memory.

His whole future life depends on these three weeks.

If you do nothing other than feeding sheltering and owning a dog, the dog will identify the weakness in the family system and use his breed traits to fill holes.

If you start from day one to teach, explain and help the dog integrate in your family as a full member, you likely invested in a great dog. Here is a video about the importance of the first three weeks  

Even the worst dog has the potential to improve and heal from past trauma and abuse if you are willing to step into your parenting power.

  • If you are not committed to keep the dog for the rest of his life don’t get a dog at the first place.

  • If you are not in charge of your life don’t get a dog

  • If you can’t afford to provide healthy food, education and exercise don’t get a dog

  • If you rely on others to get through your monthly expenses don’t get a dog

  • Unfortunate and unforeseen events happen. If you don’t have a backup plan don’t get a dog.

  • If you saw another person having a gorgeous, well behaved dog and you want to own one just like the one you saw, don’t get a dog; because you’re missing the point.

The dog was born in his natural state that has not been exposed to trauma and human abuse and intervention. 42% of the dogs behavior is coming from his genetics.

For the dog to become an awesome pet that you saw walking, someone took care of the 58% of remaining environmental factors.



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About the Author:

Roman Gottfried is an internationally renowned Holistic Dog Training, Behavior Expert, and Reiki Master. He works with dog parents worldwide to help their dogs reach their full potential, by teaching them the holistic philosophy of dog training. He sees clients online and in-person.