Why Your Dog Claims Your Couch

How do you feel about your dogs being on the couch?

There are plenty of reasons why dogs want to be in an elevated position, and they should be considered before you let your dog lounge on your couch.

Here are the three main reasons:

1. It puts them in a power position.

2. Strategically it's a good spot to check out what's going on in the rest of the house.

3. It’s a cozy spot.

Dog’s are opportunistic beings and feel responsible for their family.

However, a dog with low moral and ethical skills can take advantage of our love and see it as weakness. They’ll take over a strategic place in the home that is elevated and in a location that gives a perfect overview of the home, giving them control over the main exits.

Some dogs can become protective over this “power-throne,” which is similar to how they protect their toys and food. They’re more likely to growl or snap at other dogs, kids, and owners.

By not claiming this spot, we agree on the dog’s authority position in the family.

This can lead to disputes if family members are involved that don’t understand warning signals or the dog’s idea of what’s right.


Dogs in this position can also play the role of parent or authority. The dog will give the right of way to the one he respects, but the rest have to wait.

Children are in a complex position because they don’t understand the dog’s idea of who the authority is, and can get into trouble if the respected owner leaves and the dog takes over the “parenting.” 

This is often the case in multiple dog homes.

If a dog is respectful and compliant, there really isn’t a behavioral reason it can’t be on the couch.

Beds and bedrooms are a different story, especially with rescues that are owner surrendered. They need decompression time before they have free range over the home.

For the first three weeks, I would not allow new dogs in power or strategic positions until they prove themselves safe, with good moral and ethical skills. This video will help you with your newly adopted dog.

If your dog is on the couch when he shouldn’t be, there are plenty of ways to handle the situation without being aggressive or mean.

Check out  this video that will help you teach your dog to get off the couch of his own free will.

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